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Fact Checking Myths About Vote-By-Mail

FACT: To be placed on a local registrar’s official voter list you must be a registered voter. To become a registered voter, you must provide your unique federally issued Social Security Number (SSN) and proof of residence.

FACT: To obtain a federally issued SSN you must provide an official state issued birth certificate. Cats cannot get official state issued live birth certificates.

FACT: No, a dead cat voting didn’t “actually happen”. Much like Reagan’s 1996 Welfare Queen and Trump’s 2018 Caravan of Illegals, the 2020 Democratic Dead Cat is just a wolf call to the Republican base that has never seen a conspiracy theory it didn’t like. 

FACT: When you are handed or mailed a ballot, it is linked to your SSN and will be flagged if another ballot is cast anywhere in the US using the same SSN (a precaution against a voter with multiple identities or addresses voting in multiple jurisdictions). 

FACT: When the local Office of Elections mails a ballot to anyone, that ballot is linked to Envelope B by a code that is linked to your unique, federally issued SSN. This code is how your ballot can be tracked on every step of its journey – from the local Office of Elections to delivery at your home and from your home to the post office and then back to the Office of Elections. 

FACT: If you requested an Absentee Vote-by-Mail ballot, but show up to vote in person at a precinct on Election Day,  you will be flagged as having already been sent a ballot and will not be permitted to vote a second time.

FACT: If you challenge the precinct captain’s decision because you say a) you can’t remember if you returned your Vote-by-Mail ballot or not, b) you couldn’t return that ballot because you lost it, or c) you never received your ballot, then you will be given a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot is not processed until the non-partisan Office of Elections, under the watchful eye of the non-partisan Electoral Board, is able to trace your ballot using the ballot and envelope code that is linked to your unique SSN.

FACT: All voter fraud is extremely rare. Most voter fraud convictions involve the collection of signatures for candidates to get on ballots and not in actual voting. Mail ballots are NOT “dangerous for this country because of cheaters” as falsely claimed by Donald J. Trump on July 28, 2020.